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Acrylic Panel Lobby Signs for Mortgage Companies in Bend Oregon

If you are looking for a distinguished sign that accentuates the interior design of your building, top-quality acrylic signs are the way to go. Acrylic looks like glass but has the durable construction of plastic. And, there is little danger of splintering or cracking. Guild Mortgage Company understood the benefits of acrylic. That is why the contacted Blue Barrel Signs for acrylic panel lobby signs for mortgage companies in Bend, Oregon.

What Is Guild Mortgage Company?

Founded in 1960 in San Diego, Guild Mortgage Company started off providing financing for homes built by the American Housing Guild. Since then, they have grown to be one of the top privately-held mortgage companies in the country with over 250 satellites and branches. They have decades of experience in FHA, GNMA, bond, and FNMA programs, and they continue to focus on providing homebuyers with easier access to fluid, on-demand, mobile information.

When a company that does so much to help local homebuyers came to us for acrylic panel lobby signs for mortgage companies in Bend, Oregon, we were thrilled to be of assistance. They have a local branch on Northeast Greenwood Avenue in Bend, and they wanted a sophisticated way to welcome in clients. Fortunately, Guild called us to help out.

What We Did for Guild

We can make all sorts of assumptions about what the client wants for their project, but we find it is much easier to just meet with them and discuss what they have in mind. That is exactly what we did with Guild. They had a beautiful slate rock tile focal wall in their lobby that the eye is naturally drawn to. They wanted to put their logo in this location. We suggested an acrylic panel sign. They liked the idea, and once they approved the art proofs, we got down to work.

We started with a transparent panel. We then added raised letters that perfectly recreated the Guild logo in easy to see black. Once the marker was ready to install, we worked with the client’s schedule to mount it at a time when we would not disrupt their work. The finished piece was installed with spacers to make it look like it is floating off the wall. In the end, they were completely satisfied with the work we did. Now, everyone who enters their venue will be exposed to their branding.

The Many Benefits of Acrylic Panel Signs

There are at least five reasons why entrepreneurs and small business owners are turning to acrylic reception area signs. Acrylic is popular because it is:

  • Lightweight
  • Totally customizable
  • Simple to clean and install
  • Ideal for most interiors
  • Safe and durable

With all of these benefits, you may assume that acrylic is out of your organization’s price range. But, when you take into consideration how long they will last you, acrylic markers are actually quite inexpensive. The mix of desirable features and affordable cost also gives you more resources to work with when creating your perfect lobby sign.

If this all sounds great to you, please consider contacting Blue Barrel Signs today for a free consultation on acrylic signs.