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Advertise with Box Truck Graphics in Bend Oregon!

It is important that your marketing makes a huge impact if you want your enterprise to succeed in a competitive industry. As you travel to job sites or drive around town making deliveries, you can achieve this easily with the help of box truck graphics for Bend, Oregon. Fortunately, Blue Barrel Signs is here to serve the Central Oregon region. Let’s take a look at what solutions are available to you and why your organization needs these advertising tools.

What Box Truck Graphics Are Available?

If you are concerned that box truck graphics will cost too much for your enterprise, don’t be! There are pricing points to fit just about all budgets. In fact, you cannot afford to pass on box truck graphics. Here are some of the top alternatives:

  • Full Wraps – There is typically a lot of space to advertise with box trucks. Full vehicle wraps take advantage of every square inch of your vehicle’s body.
  • Partial Wraps – At a fraction of the price of full wraps, partial wraps work with the colors of your truck to make your message and branding visually appealing.
  • Perforated Vinyl – Your advertising does not need to stop at your windows. With perforated vinyl, we can showcase information on your windows while still allowing drivers to see out.
  • Spot Graphics – Also referred to as vinyl decals, these graphics provide a cost effective way for you to highlight your company logo or images of your handiwork and products.
  • Truck Lettering – This is the least expensive way to put your business’s name and contact information on your fleet. There are many standard sizes, fonts, and colors, or they can be customized to match your branding.

Why Do You Need Box Truck Graphics?

You must market and brand your company no matter where you are situated in Central Oregon. With more than 150,000 residents and over 2.2 million visitors each year in Central Oregon, you need to come up with a smart way to get attention. Many businesses resort to newspaper, radio, or TV ads. If you have a huge marketing budget and do not mind reaching a small audience, these traditional forms of advertising should work for you. However, if you want to reach the right demographic for less money, box truck graphics are the better bet.

When you install box truck graphics in Bend, Oregon, you take your advertising to the next level. Using high-impact graphics, you spread important information about your enterprise. Today’s consumers are looking for visual appeal. This is why you see infographics all over Facebook and other social networks. With colorful designs installed on your box trucks, you will reach a broad audience everywhere you drive.infographics all over Facebook and other social networks. With colorful designs installed on your box trucks, you will reach a broad audience everywhere you drive.

There is no better way to market your business and boost your brand awareness than by adding graphics to your work vehicles, whether you are a fleet manager or a business owner. Even when your vehicles are parked outside of your building, they are building name recognition 24/7.

Contact Blue Barrel Signs today to get a free quote on box truck graphics for your organization.