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AlumiGraphics Signs for Walls and Floors in Bend Oregon

We talk a lot about the many varied uses of vinyl in this blog. That is because it is a versatile and affordable solution. However, it is not always the best material for all situations. What alternatives are there? We are glad you asked! Today, we are going to take a close look at the benefits of using AlumiGraphics for floor and wall graphics in Bend, Oregon.

What Are AlumiGraphics?

Used in wide format digital printing, AlumiGraphics is an award winning foil-based medium (FBM.) It is made of pliable and durable aluminum foil that features unique properties that are superior to vinyl in some ways. AlumiGraphics are good for easily transforming non-utilized spaces into affordable, mass marketing platforms.

There are two types of AlumiGraphics finishes: grip and smooth. Grip is a reflective, slip-resistant finish that is perfect for rigid walkway surfaces, like tile, asphalt, and concrete. On the other hand, smooth is a satin, non-glare finish that is perfect for rigid wall surfaces, including stucco, concrete block, and brick.

What Are the Benefits to Using AlumiGraphics?

There are several benefits to using AlumiGraphics for wall, floor and exterior signs in Bend, Oregon. Here are a few:

Durability – AlumiGraphics have a long life expectancy of up to one year. Plus, it does not break down or deteriorate like vinyl. It is ideal for short-term and long-term applications in cold, wet, and hot weather conditions.

Easy to Remove and Apply – This means that we can apply your new graphics and be out of your hair in a timely manner. This material holds and conforms to smooth or rough textured surfaces thanks to pressure sensitive adhesive, and the removal process leaves nothing behind.

No Memory – FBM easily conforms and holds the shape of the surface it is applied to. It does not fight the adhesive. Instead, it works with it in providing a successful application in situations where other wide format media fail.

Eco-Friendly – If you are looking for sustainable signage, this is the ideal material for you. AlumiGraphics contain no hazardous elements or PVC, and it can be disposed of with aluminum recycling. This contrasts with vinyl which may require costly disposal.

Withstands Large Temperature Ranges – FBM has a wide service range since it is not affected by temperatures as much as vinyl is. In fact, this material can be installed at temperatures as low as 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

No Shrinkage – This means that you will not experience any seams or gaps on tiled graphics. Vinyl may sometimes retract, expose its adhesive, and peel off when there are changes in moisture or temperatures. AlumiGraphics do not have this problem.

Don’t worry: we are not tossing vinyl to the wayside. We are still very much in love with vinyl. Now, we just have another option to offer our clients depending on their project requirements. We will likely recommend FBM for applications on rigid floors and walls, such as cinder block, stucco, and brick, both indoors and out.

If you are interested in learning about how to put AlumiGraphics to work for your organization, contact Blue Barrel Signs today for a free quote.