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Bend Livability Project Uses Hanging Banners for Event in Bend Oregon!

One of the most powerful marketing tools in the sign industry these days is vinyl banners. You can catch the eyes of event-goers and leave a lasting impression with high-resolution graphics installed on buildings, on stages, or as backdrops. The Bend Livability Project realized this, so they contacted Blue Barrel Signs for hanging banners for events in Bend, Oregon.

What Is the Bend Livability Project?

The Bend Livability Project is an ongoing civic engagement initiative designed to empower, engage, and educate the Bend community to shape and harness the dramatic growth that we are expected to experience in the coming years. With so much of the city’s future unplanned and with 30,000 more residents expected to live here by 2030, this steering committee is hoping to help define the future. The project is led by over a dozen community partners, including the Bend Chamber of Commerce and the City of Bend.

When an organization that brings together our community to shape our future came to us for hanging banners for events in Bend, Oregon, we were thrilled that we could help out. The Bend Livability Project wanted to proudly display the values they hoped to engender in the city. Fortunately, we knew just what would do the trick.

What We Did for Bend Livability Project

As we do with just about every commission, we met with the client to discuss what they had in mind for their signage and what budget they were work with. Based on the Bend Livability Project’s vision, we recommended hanging banners. They liked that idea, and once they approved the mockups we supplied for them, we got to work fabricating their new banners.

The graphics for the banners are printed directly onto durable vinyl using our large format digital printer. The vinyl was finished with hems and grommets to make it easy to hang without tearing. In the end, the Bend Livability Project was happy with the work we did. Now, they can proudly display their values wherever they have an event.

How Are Hanging Banners Used

Displaying your mission statement or core values is just one use for vinyl hanging banners. Here are some other ideas:

  • Celebrate School Pride – Banners hanging from the rafters, walls, or fencing at school sporting events thank sponsors and celebrate athletic accomplishments.
  • Make Company Events More Festive – Large hanging banners are a smart way to welcome in partners, workers, and other visitors to your company events.
  • Let Consumers Know about Your Grand Opening – If you are opening a new business, let people know right away with “coming soon” and “grand opening” banners.
  • Stand out in Parades – Christmas parades are right around the corner. Make sure attendees know who you are with a large, easy-to-read banner.
  • Enhance Your Trade Show Exhibit – A big hanging banner serves as a beacon as trade show participants look for your booth.

If you are ready to put these graphics to work for your event or enterprise, contact Blue Barrel Signs today for a free estimate.