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Cinder Butte Meat Chooses Post and Panel Sign in Redmond Oregon

Signs are important for attracting new customers to your store and for making it easy for existing clients to find you. But, which signs are the most effective at achieving these goals? A post and panel sign is often the best solution when your business is located back from the road and you want to catch the eyes of drivers and passengers. Cinder Butte Meat realized this, so they contacted Blue Barrel Signs for post and panel signs for retailers in Redmond, Oregon.

What Is Cinder Butte Meat?

Situated on Northwest O’Neil Way in Redmond, Cinder Butte Meat Co. offers mobile kill services, full-service game processing, fresh USDA Choice cuts of meat at their retail counter, Central Oregon’s finest smoked meats, an on-site kill floor, and custom cutting and wrapping done to your specifications. The business is locally owned by Bob and Lori Mehan who have been serving the area for over four years now. In addition to supporting local ranchers, farmers, and businesses, they also give back to the community through their involvement in FFA and 4-H.

When an organization that provides great meats and quality service to the region came to us for post and panel signs for retailers in Redmond, Oregon, we were glad we could be of assistance. Cinder Butte Meat is located just off of Highway 97, and they wanted a way to get the attention of cars as they zoomed by. Fortunately, they contacted the right sign shop for the job!

What We Did for Cinder Butte Meat

Before we started working on anything, we first met with the client to find out exactly what they wanted for their new markers. They wanted it to feature their branding, contact information, and to point the way to their shop. We recommended a post and panel sign and provided them with a mockup of what the marker would look like. Once they approved the design, we got down to work.

Both the posts and panel for this marker are made of heavy duty metal to ensure it will advertise Cinder Butte Meat for many years to come. The graphics were printed on durable cast vinyl adhesive films using our large format digital printer. We then applied the graphics to the panel and scheduled a time to install the new sign when it would not interfere with the client’s business. In the end, they were fully satisfied with the work we did.

We Can Provide Your Organization with Post and Panel Signs

We supply post and panel markers made from several different materials. We generally use high-density urethane, wood, or aluminum composite material for the panels. The panels are sandblasted, carved, or routed before we paint them. Durable vinyl graphics and raised letters may also be applied to the panel. Posts are made of PVC, wood, or metal and can be painted to match your other marketing materials.

If you are interested in taking advantage of the benefits of post and panel signs, contact Blue Barrel Signs today for a free quote.