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Custom Exterior Building Sign for Law Firm in Central Oregon

Not all types of exterior signs work for all businesses. For instance, wouldn’t it look a little strange to see a big star-shaped pylon sign marking the location of an accounting firm? Wouldn’t you question their professionalism? Metal exterior building signs are typically the best option for more serious businesses. Dwyer Williams Potter realized this so they contacted Blue Barrel Signs for exterior building signs for law firms in Central Oregon.

What Is Dwyer Williams Potter?

Located on Northwest Bond Street in Bend, Dwyer Williams Potter is an accident injury law firm that believes that corporations and individuals should and must be held accountable for negligent and careless acts that kill or injure innocent people. They practice throughout the state of Oregon and represent people in cases involving nursing home abuse, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, back and neck injuries, wrongful death, truck accidents, workers compensation, dog bites and attacks, auto accidents, and slip, trip, and fall accidents.

When an organization that provides such a valuable service for our state’s residents came to us for custom exterior building signs for law firms in Central Oregon, we jumped into action. Dwyer Williams Potter wanted a professional way to identify their Bend location. Thankfully, Blue Barrel Signs had just the solution.

What We Did

After an initial consultation where we learned about what Dwyer Williams Potter was looking to achieve with their new signage, we came up with some recommendations. They chose a design that featured their logo rendered in gold cut vinyl on black aluminum composite material. Gold was the ideal option because it projects a level of professionalism and longevity, both of which are important characteristics a law firm should have.

We then worked with Dwyer Williams Potter’s schedule to install the new marker at a time that would not cause any disruption to business. In the end, they were completely satisfied with their new exterior sign.

Metal Exterior Building Signs Are an Excellent Solution

Though banks, law practices, and accounting firms are the biggest market for metal exterior building signs, they can benefit an array of organizations that want to present a sophisticated appearance. Aluminum composite panels are a popular exterior sign substrate because they are relatively affordable and can stand up to the Central Oregon weather.

It is possible to make a sign entirely of gold or other metals, but most companies do not have that kind of money to throw around. However, you can still achieve the look of precious metals by using metal laminates. This involves adding a very thin layer of a real metal alloy to another, much less expensive substrate, such as sign foam, acrylic, or PVC. Laminated signs and letters are virtually indistinguishable from solid metal markers.

We can make your exterior markers visible after dark by installing landscape lighting or spotlighting using light emitting diodes. LEDs are valued for their energy efficiency, durability, and low maintenance requirements.

If you are in need of exterior building signs for your venue, contact us today for a free quote!