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Fabric Trade Show Displays and Custom Table Throws!

There are a wide array of advantages to using fabric graphics for your next trade show booth. Fabric displays are inexpensive, easy to transport, affordable to update, and simple to assemble. Many exhibitors are concerned about signs having marred, scratched finishes or possible glare. Fabric trade show displays in Central OR remove these concerns.

Fabric displays and table throws provide a modern appearance that many exhibitors hope to project. It is no wonder that fabric graphics are quickly becoming the norm at trade shows. To learn more about some of the possibilities of incorporating fabric into your trade show booth, read on!

Fabric Banner Stands

Using an easy to set up aluminum stand, these banner stands make use of tension fabric and Velcro to display your graphics. Thanks to the wonders of large format digital printers, any images, photos, or graphics can be rendered in vibrant colors on the fabric. There are also several other banner stand solutions, including adjustable stands and retractable banners stands, which feature a cassette at the base into which your banner can retract for easy portability and storage.

Speaking of storage, banner stands in general are easy to store between events, but why would you want to hide such a great marketing tool? We have found that banner stands are perfect for displaying your products and services in your lobby between shows.

Custom Imprinted Table Throws

Custom imprinted table throws for Central OR can utilize tension fabric, but they are generally loosely draped over the table. They can transform the bare table that you are usually provided with at a convention into a branding tool. We recommend using colors and graphics that complement your other display elements, such as your corporate logo, font, and colors. This will help you boost your branding.

We appreciate table throws because they provide the perfect cover for unsightly cardboard boxes you may have used to transport your marketing materials. Just slip them under the table and attendees will not need to see them.

Fabric Windflags

If you are attending an event outdoors, fabric windflags are indispensable. As they flow in the wind, they get the attention of passersby. Plus, the heavy duty fabric can stand up to the elements and last for years to come, and it is easy to clean.

The fabric windflags also work well indoors, and as with the banner stands, they are easy to store and transport. And, you can utilize them to display your top-selling products in your reception area after your trade show.

These are just some of the ways to incorporate durable fabric graphics into your trade show displays. If you do not know where to start or are interested in learning more about trade show exhibits, give Blue Barrel Signs a try. We will listen to your vision and work with your budget to come up with recommendations that are right for your organization.

If you are in need of fabric banners, throws, windflags, or other displays for your upcoming trade show, please consider contacting Blue Barrel Signs today for a free consultation.