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Illuminated Sign Choices for Your Bend OR Business

Do you have a solid way to get the attention of consumers once night falls? Are you still working to convince clients to stop in to your storefront even if they already know where you are located? Your loss can become another company’s gain if you are not clearly identifying your organization after dark. This makes it crucial for you to buy illuminated signs for Bend, OR.

Even the most attention grabbing non-illuminated signs are dull and gray once the sun sets. However, when you go with an illuminated marker, your branding continues through the night. These signs are generally the only feature that stands out against the dark background of the city. Read on to learn about some of the options available to you.

Channel Letters

One of the most common kinds of lighted signs is channel letter signs. They are typically found on retail establishments, industrial buildings, commercial offices, and more. They are valued for their versatility, effectiveness, and affordability. The channel letters can be mounted to the façade of your building individually or on a raceway. When drilling needs to be kept to a minimum, raceways are the preferred solution.

There are several types of channel letters. The standard option consists of an aluminum frame with an acrylic front face that the light shines through. When transparent acrylic is used, a unique look is achieved. To create a halo effect with channel letter signs, the letters may have a solid aluminum front and an open back for the light to shine onto the building.

Cabinet Signs

Cabinet markers are an excellent way to build your brand. The acrylic or plastic push through face can feature custom colors, fonts, and logos that match your other marketing materials. They are constructed of heavy duty extruded aluminum to ensure they can stand up against harsh weather. Car-grade paint and a powder coat finish are applied. Permitting, electrical work, and installation are all part of the services provided with this signage.

Pole Cabinets

If your organization is located next to a highway or you just want people to be able to find your venue from miles away, pole cabinets are the ideal choice. They are installed on a tall pylon. There are several different styles to choose from, including one-sided or two-sided. And, they are constructed to make certain the pole does not block the light from shining through the acrylic face.

Lightbox Monuments

Lightbox monuments are one part cabinet sign and one part monument sign. Drivers and pedestrians alike pay attention to these eye catching markers. Reader boards are one popular alternative. They are updated manually with physical letters and numbers and are usually found in front of schools and churches. Businesses that need to update their information frequently should consider LED message boards, which can be easily programmed with new messages.

Blue Barrel Signs can help you create exterior signs for Bend, OR. If you are ready to take advantage of your branding potential at night, contact us today for a free consultation and quote.