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Mounted Prints for Offices in Bend Oregon

If you go with an online supplier for standard signage or nondescript artwork for your office, you will probably find some really low prices. However, when you cut corners in this way, you are missing out on one of the big opportunities signs give you. For instance, when you display mounted prints that showcase your handiwork or top products, you will truly convey to everyone who enters your establishment what your company is capable of offering. This image will stick with consumers and make it easy for them to recall your organization when they are in need of the services you offer.

Blue Barrel Signs is a proud maker of mounted prints for offices in Bend, Oregon whether you are in need of an interesting way to highlight your enterprise’s logo or you want other visual stimuli evocative of your business. Below, we will take a closer look at this branding opportunity.

Anything Is Possible with Digital Printing

In the last decade or so, a lot has changed in the signage industry. And, new advances are being made just about every year. Digital printing has especially experienced important advances recently. The large format digital printer has changed the game when it comes to producing high-resolution signage. It is now possible to print crystal clear images onto just about any substrate, including vinyl, canvas, paper, and fabric.

You can completely transform the appearance of your office with mounted prints. You may go home for the night and leave a plain, drab office space behind you. The next morning, your employees can come into a bright atmosphere that motivates them. Mounted prints make this possible. This is why more and more retailers, professional offices, and restaurants are using these markers to update their interior décor.

Our mounted prints are typically printed on vinyl because it is versatile and affordable. But, we can also print your image files on canvas or fabric and frame them for a distinguished look. If you want an elegant appearance that really stands out, we recommend choosing to have your mounted prints installed with spacers. This simply is not possible with Internet sign shops.

If you are an architect or contractor, we suggest using mounted prints to show off specific projects that you are particularly proud of. You might also use these prints for informational purposes, like educating visitors about your products or displaying your organization’s history.

Just about Any Image File Can Be Transformed into Art

The size and type of the image file you provide us with will dictate what we can do for your mounted print. For instance, we would need a rather big, high-resolution file if you have GIFs, BMP images, or JPEGs. If these files are too small, they end up looking pixelated and blurry when we blow them up. Instead, we request vector art files. These can be scaled to any size you want. So, when we produce a massive print, it will still have crisp, sharp details.

If you are interested in mounted prints for offices in Bend, Oregon, contact Blue Barrel Signs today for a free quote!