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Need Building Directory Signs for Central Oregon?

Imagine you were able to finally get in to meet with a top medical specialist who happens to be situated in a large complex. When you made the appointment, you scribbled in your planner where they were located. You clearly marked in your planner that this specialist is on the fourth floor, but you have a hard time finding the elevator or stairway once you enter the venue. You eventually find the elevator after some frantic searching. However, you cannot find the right suite once you get the fourth floor. Instead, you have a long corridor of unmarked doors ahead of you. You’ll never make your appointment on time!

A key element in the architecture of any facility is its directory signs. As soon as guests enter your building, they look for your directories. They are the natural spot for individuals to stop and look for the suite they want. Fortunately, Blue Barrel Signs supplies organizations with building directory signs in Central Oregon.

Make Your Building Easy to Navigate with Directory Signs

Even with the widespread use of GPS devices and apps, directories are still a must. They make every amenity, department, and tenant in your facility simple and quick to identify. Plus, with these signs, there are seemingly zero maintenance issues to worry about.

Let’s revisit the opening scenario. Ideally, the complex where your medical specialist is located would have a main lobby directory that provides an alphabetical list of the different providers as well as their suite number. Another directory would be installed near the elevator to tell visitors which floor to go to. As you exit the elevator, you could then refer to a subdirectory with directional arrows to see where different providers are. When business owners and property managers use these markers together, they smoothly guide guests and clients to their destination.

What Are Some Uses for Directories?

You should consider installing directory signs in your building for three main reasons:

  • Wayfinding – This is a no-brainer. Most property management companies simply cannot afford to hire a receptionist to greet and direct all visitors. In addition, the receptionist may not be able to juggle other duties, such as answering phones, with inviting customers in. Some guests just prefer to find their way around on their own. Office directories do this.
  • Image – You can forget about making a positive first impression when your venue is confusing. Yet, when you have a well-designed combination of live assistance, maps, and directory signs, you let prospective clients know that you pay attention to detail.
  • Branding – You can use your directories to underscore your brand identity when you include your company’s font, colors, and logo. You introduce or reinforce your branding when you incorporate these custom elements into your markers.

If you are looking at your building and thinking it could be easier to navigate, let Blue Barrel Signs help you. We can perform a site survey and let you know what signage would help improve the visitor experience. Contact us today for a free consultation on building directory signs in Central Oregon.