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Popular Types of Acrylic Panel Signs in Bend Oregon

Acrylic panel signs give you the look you want with the functionality you expect with their versatility in style and usage. By reinforcing your brand identity with acrylic signs, you can make a good impression with visitors, workers, and customers. Thankfully, Blue Barrel Signs supplies acrylic panel signs in Bend, Oregon. In today’s blog entry, we will examine what acrylic sign solutions are available to you.

Clear Acrylic Panel Signs

Clear acrylic panel signs start with a transparent panel. Metal Laminate letters, raised cut acrylic letters, vinyl decal logos, or solid cut metal letters are then applied to the panel. You can also choose to have a solid color applied to the back of the panel to add extra dimensionality. The entire marker can then be mounted with standoffs to give the appearance that it is floating off of the wall. This is one of the most affordable options if you are looking for a professional lobby sign that accentuates the high-tech image your business wants to project.

Frosted Acrylic Panel Signs

Another popular solution is frosted acrylic panel signs. These markers mimic the look of etched glass but at a fraction of the cost of that option. As with clear acrylic panels, frosted acrylic panels can feature spot graphic logos, metal laminate letters, solid cut metal letters, or raised cut acrylic letters. Solid color backing and standoff mounting are also viable solutions depending on the image you want to convey. Though they are most commonly used for reception area signs, frosted acrylic panels also work well as suite signs, wayfinding markers, and for room identification.

Acrylic with Metal Laminate Panel Signs

Different materials send different messages to consumers. For instance, metal is often associated with professionalism, traditional values, and longevity in an industry. Unfortunately, many companies that exhibit these characteristics cannot afford solid metal signs. Acrylic with metal laminate panels solve this problem.

We start with a colored or transparent acrylic panel and apply a thin layer of real metal alloy to the face. Then, a cut metal or raised acrylic logo is adhered flush to the face. This is an excellent solution for law practices, accounting firms, and financial institutions.

Edgelit Acrylic Panels

Does your organization pride itself on staying ahead of the trends? If so, edgelit acrylic panels are ideal for you. Your logo is etched in an acrylic panel. Then, steel LED strips are installed at the top and bottom to provide illumination of the marker. There are both RGB-colored and white LED lights to pick from. We recommend using LED lights because they are energy-efficient, so you save on your electric bills. Also, they last for up to a decade of continuous use, so you do not have to worry about replacing bulbs or maintenance costs.

This is just a sampling of the different acrylic panel sign options available. We stand by our ability to make recommendations that fit your organization. For a free consultation on acrylic panel signs in Bend, Oregon, contact Blue Barrel Signs today.