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You could install a bullhorn on the roof of your company car, à la old-time politicians, and travel the streets of Bend shouting the praises of your enterprise. This will get you noticed by consumers and law enforcement, but you probably do not want that kind of attention. Here are some more low-key yet equally effective methods for how to get your company cars noticed in Bend, Oregon.

1. Vehicle Wraps

Full vehicle wraps cover all of your car with vinyl adhesive films specifically designed for use on cars by 3M, Oracal, Avery Dennison, and other top manufacturers. Of all of the types of vehicle graphics, full vehicle wraps cost the most, but they also have the biggest impact. A single wrap can reach between 30,000 and 70,000 impressions as it travels the streets of Central Oregon. In addition, vehicle wraps are typically much less expensive than painting your car, and they can achieve a greater level of precision than paint thanks to digital printing technology.

2. Partial Wraps

If you cannot afford to cover your entire vehicle with vinyl, partial wraps are a suitable alternative. They are designed to work with the colors of your vehicle to make it appear as if you have a full wrap. This is a great solution for box trucks, vans, and other larger automobiles. Partial vehicle wraps can cover as little as a quarter of your truck or as much as 75 percent of it.

Color matching software allows us to exactly match the colors you use in your other marketing materials to help you maintain brand consistency. You can continue your message on your windows by incorporating perforated window vinyl, which lets your drivers see out while making your message clearly visible on the outside.

3. Vehicle Lettering/Truck Lettering

Vinyl lettering is the most cost-effective option for putting your business’s name, website, and phone number on your fleet. There is a wide array of standard typefaces, colors, and sizes. Or, you can pick custom numbers and letters that match the colors and fonts found in your branding. Truck lettering is a smart idea when you want to display your services and products on the back of a truck. Add spot graphics to showcase your logo along with some of your handiwork.

You might consider installing any of the above alternatives on your own to save some money. Yet, that would be a big mistake. The pros know how to make sure your graphics are installed correctly so that they will look their best, will last you for many years to come, and so you do not invalidate your warranty. It is always easy to tell when an amateur tries to do the job. You will save money in the long run when you turn to the experts.

If you are interested in outfitting one or more of your company’s cars with your message, contact Blue Barrel Signs today for a free consultation and quote on vehicle graphics and wraps in Bend, Oregon.