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When you are starting a new enterprise, there are several factors that you should take into consideration. Signage is among the main aspects you should address once you have leased a venue. To jumpstart your sales, it is important to get your name in front of as many potential customers as possible. A solid way to do this is with new business signs for Bend, OR. Here are some signage suggestions that you should consider for your new company.

1. A-Frames

Putting your message directly in the pathway of consumers is a smart way to catch their eyes if you have a storefront in a location that gets a lot of foot traffic. A-frames were created to achieve this purpose. This type of sidewalk sign can display your business’s logo, colors, and name to help you share your branding. A-frames are also ideal for highlighting upcoming sales, daily specials, and best-selling goods and services.

2. Grand Opening Banners

Do you have a date set for when you will open your doors to the public? If so, you can publicize it with digitally printed banners. These help build anticipation among locals. If you are still early in the process of updating your new venue to fit your needs and are unsure of when you will be ready to open, “Coming Soon” banners are a popular option. Then, once you have a date, the banner can be updated with that information. This is a less expensive alternative to buying a separate “Grand Opening” banner.

3. Window Graphics

Window lettering and graphics have a variety of versatile uses. Vinyl window graphics are usually right where shoppers are looking. The central location of your storefront windows provides a prime spot to get your marketing message across. In addition, window decals are affordable. You are essentially just paying for the labor costs along with the window graphics, since you already own the base of the sign: your windows. Window lettering and graphics can be used to list your contact information and hours of operations as well as to announce upcoming promotions.

4. Point of Purchase

Do you sell items that buyers tend to purchase at the spur of the moment? One way to help with these sales is with point of purchase signs. These markers take a variety of forms, including posters, retractable banners, cardboard cutouts, and more. POP signs are also a great way to list your services and products as well as their prices. Or, you can display a QR code that directs customers to join your loyalty program, find coupons, or to “Like” your Facebook page.

These are just some of the signs you should take into consideration. Vehicle graphics are another common option that is being used by more businesses that offer deliveries, travel to jobsites, or utilize company vehicles. In addition, many buildings are required to have ADA signage. Do not forget these markers.

If you are unsure about what retail store signs for Bend, OR you need, please consider contacting Blue Barrel Signs. For a free consultation and quote, contact us today!