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Plain black letters on the side of a white van used to be all that was needed to effectively advertise your business’s name and phone number. Some organizations still go this route even though there have been many innovations in vehicle graphics in recent years. When you update your company cars with different types of vehicle graphics for Bend, Oregon, you will advertise your enterprise’s name while you haul products, equipment, and workers.

Put Your Logo on Display with Spot Graphics

Commonly known as vehicle decals, spot graphics are the ideal way to put your company’s logo on your work truck. Spot graphics are rendered on top-quality vinyl adhesive films using a state of the art, large format digital printer. Vinyl decals can feature any images, photos, or other graphics. And, thanks to vinyl window perf, or perforated vinyl, your message can continue over your windows. These vinyl films consist of hundreds of tiny holes that allow drivers to see out while still displaying your message.

Truck Lettering Says It All

The most affordable way to put your organization’s phone number, name, and web address on your cars, vans, trucks, or even boats is with truck lettering, also referred to as vehicle lettering. There is a broad range of standard sizes, fonts, and colors. You can also choose to have custom letters and numbers printed to match the typefaces and colors you use in your branding. When you want to list your products and services on the back of a van, vinyl lettering is an excellent solution.

It may seem like you could save a few bucks by installing truck lettering on your own. However, we do not recommend you attempt this. This is because professional installers know how to ensure your letters are lined up perfectly. They have years of experience with this. When an amateur installs truck letters, it is always easy to tell. Plus, if you install the lettering yourself, your warranty may no longer be valid, and the letters will not last as long. When you go with expert installation, you will save money in the long run.

Brand Consistency Is a Must for Your Vehicles

Whether you have two vehicles or two hundred, consumers need to be able to tell that all of your fleet vehicles belong to the same company. This is important for building brand awareness and avoiding confusion. To give your fleet a uniform appearance, it is important to have a professional review your vehicles regularly to determine whether they need updating. This may include replacing old lettering, creating graphics that match across the fleet, or adding fleet vehicle numbers and DOT numbers.

When you go with one, top-quality sign shop for all of the different types of vehicle graphics for Bend, Oregon, you can be certain you are getting the same colors, fonts, and artwork every time. If you want to outfit one or multiple vehicles with your company’s branding or other messages, contact Blue Barrel Signs today for a free quote on vehicle graphics.