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How to Choose the Right Business Signs in Central OR

Signs are a crucial part of marketing your existence if you run a small business. Yet, not all markers are meant for consumers. They are also useful for alerting workers of off-limit or hazardous areas and directing guests around your facilities. When it comes to picking signage for your business, there are several factors to take into consideration. This post should be a good starting point for learning how to choose business signs in Central OR.

Signage Options

There are both interior and exterior signs. For the most part, exterior signage is used to direct visitors or for advertising purposes. They are often found hanging as banners, displayed on the sides of trucks and cars, standing alone by buildings, and on walls, awnings, and rooftops. Interior markers, on the other hand, are typically attached to walls or hung from ceilings. These signs are also used to direct visitors or to brand an enterprise. Trade show displays are another kind of interior signage.

What Are Signs Made of?

Companies utilize all sorts of materials in the construction of their signage. Many markers use different materials for the substrate than the graphics and text. The text of a sign can use attention grabbing neon or straightforward adhesive vinyl. Plastic, metal, sign foam, and wood are other popular materials used for sign lettering. Engraving is also an alternative. Due to the versatility of vinyl and the rise of digital printing, paint is no longer the main way to render graphics on signs.

The backing for the graphics, called the substrate, can also come in a variety of materials. Glass, wood, cloth, plastic, aluminum, sign foam, vinyl, and paper all serve as backing. It is also common to mix substrates. A good sign company will make material recommendations that fit how the signage will be used. For instance, if your marker will be exposed to the elements outside, they will recommend more durable materials.

Picking a Sign Shop

You first want to find a sign company that specializes in the sign materials you want to use. Many will be particularly skilled at creating certain signage types despite not advertising this fact. When working with such a business, you will generally find higher quality execution, better pricing, and faster turnarounds. In addition, sign shops may specialize in certain projects. For instance, some establishments have extensive experience in planning and placing markers throughout a venue. The quality of the signs created can be significantly impacted by the expertise of the sign maker.

You should also take into consideration the services you need. Do you need the sign company to provide you with artwork for your new signage? Do you need a new logo? If so, assess the portfolios of the in-house graphic designers. Conversely, if you have a design that you are set on, make sure the shop is able to render it perfectly on the signs you need.

These are just a few tips on how to choose business signs in Central OR. If you are interested in learning more, we hope you will consider contacting Blue Barrel Signs today for a free, no strings attached consultation.