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Must-Have Office Signs in Bend Oregon

You will likely find some really cheap deals if you shop around online for standard office signs for your venue. Yet, you are missing out on some of the biggest benefits of using signage when you cut corners in this way. For example, consumers will begin to remember who you are when you include your corporate logo on your markers. People start to trust you once they remember your name. And, when they need your products and services, you are the one they will call.

When you install custom office signs for Bend, Oregon, you will boost your long-term sales. But, what options are available to you? Here are some of the most common office signs:

Lobby Signs

Commonly known as reception area signs or waiting room signs, lobby signs are often used to welcome clients to your office and to boost your branding. We can manufacture professional, elegant-looking metal dimensional letter signs, or you can use massive vinyl wall graphics to showcase your logo. We typically get requests for acrylic lobby signs from organizations that want to display how innovative they are. Your goals for the project will determine what materials are best for you.

Window and Door Lettering

It is no longer financially feasible for many companies to etch the name of each executive into the glass of their office door. But, you can still achieve this distinguished look with frosted vinyl window lettering. You can also label different departments within your facility with window lettering of any color, size, or font. You may even choose to list your hours of operation and contact information on your front door using door lettering.

Window Graphics

Do you have giant floor-to-ceiling plate glass windows surrounding your conference rooms? Does it get kind of distracting during meetings when people are walking by and possibly looking in? One of the most cost effective ways to fix this problem is to add frosted vinyl films to the window to add a degree of privacy. Your company logo can even be incorporated into the vinyl to keep your branding on point.

Custom Wall Art and High-Resolution Photos

High-resolution photos can be printed on paper, canvas, or vinyl using a large format digital printer. These graphics can then be mounted to a frame. Or, if the graphics are printed on adhesive vinyl, we can adhere them directly to your interior walls. These options serve as excellent alternatives to the boring, generic framed paintings you will often find in reception areas.

Framed canvas prints are ideal for displaying images relevant to your industry. For instance, a restaurant may choose to showcase images of their best dishes or scenes from the country where their cuisine originated. You may pick to highlight your handiwork with framed photos if you are a contractor who is happy with a particular project.

This should give you a taste of what is available out there for your business. If you would like to learn more about what would work best for your venue, contact Blue Barrel Signs today for a free consultation on office signs for Bend, Oregon.