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Do you have a company vehicle? How do people know it belongs to your organization? Work vans, trucks, and cars that are on the roads every day present a great opportunity for you to boost your name recognition. The Twins realized this, so they contacted Blue Barrel Signs for Suburban vehicle graphics for Bend, OR.

A Little About The Twins

If you live in Central Oregon and like to rock out, odds are you are all too familiar with The Twins. You can find them at 98.3 on your FM dial pumping out the classic rock hits. If you are a “Twinster,” you know the most popular show is KC and Ron in the mornings. However, they also feature a variety of other hosts, such as Leslie James, D. Shaw, Alice Cooper, Little Steven Van Zant, Red Beard, Matt Pinfield, Dee Snider, and more.

When an organization that provides tunes that help get residents through the work day came to us for radio station vehicle graphics for Bend, OR, we were proud to help out. The Twins recently got their hands on a used Suburban, and they had a very specific idea of what they wanted to do with it.

The Twins wanted their already existing logo on the sides, rear, and hood of their ride. We were able to perfectly match the fonts and colors of their logo and render them on cut vinyl. We also put “Black Death,” the name of their SUV, on the rear bumper. And, on the front bumper, we used cut vinyl graphics to display their web address. We then worked with their schedule to install the new graphics.

In the end, they were completely satisfied.  In fact, the whole process is prominently featured on their website. Now, as they travel to various events throughout Central Oregon, drivers will see their branding and turn their radio dials to 98.3.

Are Your Vehicles Marketing for You?

Vehicle graphics provide a multitude of benefits for your organization whether you just have one car or a whole fleet of work trucks. With a minimal investment in vinyl lettering, you can announce your company name and contact information to people in your service area. This is important for building your brand and engendering trust in your enterprise. Plus, unlike television, radio, and newspaper ads, your message is always on display 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

When you see a plain white van traveling the city streets, what do you think of? You may think they are up to nefarious schemes. You likely do not trust the vehicle. Whatever you may envision, you certainly do not want to hire that company. How could you? You don’t even know who they are.

Vehicle graphics showcase your professionalism for just pennies per day. And with today’s state of the art printers and software, any images or graphics you want to display on your vehicle are now possible. If you are interested in helping your work vehicles stand out, contact Blue Barrel Signs today for a free consultation and quote.