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There are always work trucks and vans on the streets of Central Oregon making deliveries, running errands, or on their way to job sites. The clearly visible truck lettering on the sides of these vehicles lets you know they are work trucks. With effective and inexpensive truck lettering, you can make the most of each time your company cars take to the roads.

Every day, organizations can boost their name recognition and brand awareness with truck lettering in Central Oregon. Using custom graphics and lettering that capture your company culture is the ideal way to attract new customers.

Why Do You Need Vehicle Lettering?

We feel strongly about promoting one of our most-requested products because of the following reasons:

*If the only truck lettering your cars have is “clean me” written in dirt and dust, it may be time to update your work vans. When they look nice and have eye-catching, easy-to-clean lettering and graphics, your employees will take pride in their work.

*We are blasted with thousands of different ads and messages during every waking hour. You will not stand out with plain lettering and a small logo. However, if you have colorful, vibrant graphics, people will think of you when they need the services you offer.

*As a fleet manager, you have probably already heard that some auto manufacturers have started to provide vehicle graphic incentives. Look into it for your vehicles to save on the costs of adding truck lettering.

*If you have enough customers and are certain you always will, you can probably afford to skip mobile marketing. But, most businesses cannot pass up the dollar-for-dollar most effective advertising tool on the market today.

*When you buy a vehicle of a certain make and model, you tend to start seeing that same model everywhere you go. The same thing happens with truck lettering. When people begin to recognize your vehicles, they will think you have dozens of fleet trucks instead of four or five.

*The law of business is that you need to change with the times or you will fail. Vehicle graphics are the new standard for advertising as radio, TV, and newspaper continue to lose their reach.

Should You Buy Truck Lettering Online?

If you go with an online retailer for your truck lettering, the vision and imagination needed to make your fleet look its best are all up to you. In addition, Internet sign shops leave the installation of your graphics to you, and the chances are you do not have the right equipment or technical skills to install the lettering so it will last and won’t peel.

Most people do not know how to adequately prepare their vehicles for best adhesion or how to prevent air bubbles from forming. Also, when you go with an online provider, you do not have support if anything goes wrong during installation. Service is important when picking a vehicle graphics shop. You will have a better experience when you choose a full-service sign shop.

If you are interested in installing truck lettering in Central Oregon, please consider Blue Barrel Signs. For a free quote, contact us today.