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When you operate a small business, it can be difficult to come up with the money for an adequate marketing budget. And, any money you do have for advertising, you want to make sure it will drive sales and maximize your return on investment. Traditional media have dropped the ball in this department lately. Fortunately, many entrepreneurs are discovering the potential for boosting their branding with contractor vehicle graphics for Bend, OR.

Varieties of Contractor Vehicle Graphics

There are several vinyl graphics options available based on your budget and business’s needs:

Vehicle Wraps - If you have a little extra cash in your marketing funds, wraps for your work trucks, vans, cars, or boats are a great way to get attention. They are made from vinyl specifically designed for use on automobiles, and the graphics will help consumers remember your brand when they need your services.

Vinyl Window Perf - For the most part, wraps stop at the windows. If you want your marketing message to continue over your windows, vinyl window perf is an excellent solution. This alternative consists of several small holes in vinyl. This allows your drivers to still see out of the windows.

Truck Lettering - Also referred to as vinyl vehicle lettering, truck lettering can be printed to match your colors and font, or you can choose from our line of standard letters. We can also install your letters to ensure they are evenly spaced and aligned. This is one of the most cost effective vehicle graphics options.

Spot Graphics and Decals - We fabricate, install, and design vinyl decals that can be used to showcase your logo and handiwork. These graphics are a smart choice when used in conjunction with vinyl lettering, which can be used to display contact information and your company name.

Why Are Vinyl Graphics Right for Contractors?

There are many small business owners out there who do not want to try contractor truck lettering for Bend, OR because they are afraid it will be too expensive. This is understandable, but they are often surprised to find what is available with even a small investment. To provide some evidence for this, 3M, a world-renowned vinyl manufacturer, recently conducted a study that found it would take $130,000 in advertisements using traditional medial to achieve the same level of exposure as one $3500 vehicle wrap.

Billboards on Wheels

Your work vans and trucks afford you a lot of surface area. You get a mobile billboard when you put this space to work for you with vinyl wraps. Studies have shown that pedestrians, drivers, and passengers remember the vehicle graphics they see.

You market your contractor enterprise 24 hours a day, seven days a week using vehicle graphics with vibrant designs and imagery. The first impression you make on potential clients is with your work trucks. If you show up at a business or residence with a dinghy vehicle devoid of any identifying marks, you do not inspire trust. Vehicle graphics can change that.

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