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Why Utilize Vehicle Graphics in Bend Oregon?

Business owners and entrepreneurs are always in search of ways to get their company’s name out there without breaking the bank. One overlooked marketing tool is vehicle graphics. Eye-catching, professionally-designed graphics will brand and promote your enterprise as your maintenance, service, delivery, or other work vehicles make their way around Bend. Today, we will learn about how your organization can benefit from vehicle graphics in Bend, Oregon.

Get Noticed on a Budget

Vehicle graphics advertise your company 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year for up to five years. This is in stark contrast to radio spots, TV commercials, newspaper ads, and other more traditional forms of marketing. Averaged out over the lifetime of the graphics, your enterprise is only really investing a couple dollars per day for this advertising option.

According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, vehicle wraps offer the lowest cost-per-thousand-impressions (CPM) of any form of advertising. Vinyl graphics can reach up to 30,000 people per day based on Bend’s market and population.

Why Purchase Vinyl Graphics?

Advertising with vehicle graphics in Bend, Oregon has many immediate as well as long-term benefits. These include:

Keeping Your Branding Consistent – Vehicle graphics can assist in unifying your marketing campaign’s look and feel since they feature the same branding elements as your other marketing materials.

Strategic and Creative Versatility – Vehicle wraps can be used for long-term marketing or for short-term product or event promotions. Additionally, you can control when wraps are updated or replaced, the style, and the design.

Targeting Your Service Area – When you drive a wrapped truck around your local service area, you can dramatically increase your name recognition among those who attend school, live, or work nearby. When you park your wrapped van in conspicuous places at colleges, busy urban settings, conventions, local sporting events, trade shows, or cultural events, you are able to also grab the attention of pedestrians.

Using vehicle graphics also offers an array of purely economic benefits, such as providing a predictable fixed marketing cost and preserving your car’s resale value by protecting the factory paint.

Who Uses Vehicle Wraps?

With a little imagination and the right graphic artists, just about any company can integrate vinyl graphics into their marketing mix. We typically supply vehicle wraps and fleet graphics to:

  • Private medical/dental practices, healthcare clinics, and hospitals
  • Attorneys, consultants, realtors, and other service professionals
  • Specialty retail shops, such as pet groomers, florists, and clothiers
  • Grills, bars, and restaurants
  • And many other organizations!

If you are concerned that vehicle wraps are too pricy for your enterprise, don’t worry! There are a wide range of pricing points to fit the budget of any business. You might consider using truck lettering to highlight your contact information, list of services, and company name if you want to outfit an entire fleet. Showcase your handiwork, products, and logo with spot graphics or vinyl decals. Or, consider wrapping all or parts of your work truck if you really want to make an impact.

Contact Blue Barrel Signs today for a free quote if you are interested in learning more about vehicle graphics for your business.